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About Triniso

Beautiful Swiss Made Watches from
the Sierre region

We were founded on the belief that style shouldn’t break the bank – our goal is to change the way you think about fashion by offering high-quality elegant watches at a revolutionary price.

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Your and our history

Our team initiated this project and now we are inviting you to join us. Let us share together every moment of Triniso and write down every word fitting a watch that was created for everyone regardless of gender, age, culture and style. We welcome you to be part of the story, which becomes your and our history.

Your and our approach

Starting from the ideas of our family and friends as well as feedback from business partners and finally, while carefully observing fashion trends and developments, Triniso was created. Moving away from complicated overstrained designs, we pursue simplicity, but still unique styles. Coupled with Quality and accessible prices we set our focus on serving all of us beautiful watches.

CH-3960 Sierre


Sierre is a beautiful place in the southern part of Switzerland. The region is surrounded by Swiss mountains, Swiss vineyards and blessed with plenty of sunshine. Therefore, the Triniso logo, where a single “T”, which symbolizes Time and Growth, is encircled by the sun of Sierre.

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Our Values

3 (TRI): Three A‘s

The first digit, number 3, from the postal code of Sierre represents the message of our Vision: We always pursuit the three A‘s for the watches that we create: Attractive. Affordable. Accessible.

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    The designs are based on fashion and sports as well as modern and classic style. We have collected style feedbacks from family and friends in order to create attractive watches which suit the styles of all of us individually.

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    We believe that all of us deserve a Swiss made watch at a reasonable price. In other words our goal is to create affordable watches with high quality standards for everyone.

  • 3


    Triniso watches shall be brought to every corner of the world. We wish that all of us, wherever one lives, should have access to a Triniso watch.

9 (NIne) = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6

The second digit, number 9, from the postal code of Sierre stands for the checksum of the Triniso founding year. In 2016, October 20th the company Triniso Ltd. was founded and someday in the future this day will become a historical day. From here on forth the TRINISO story will be told by all of us, all around the world.

6 (Six) Partners

The third digit, number 6, from the postal code of Sierre, is the number of friends, who together launched the Triniso project, experimented with materials, styles and designs and created the Triniso watch collections. Finally, the six business partners formed the founding team sharing one dream with everyone around the world.

0 (O) - Compromise

The fourth and last digit, 0, from the postal code of Sierre, stands for zero-compromise on product-quality and service-quality provided to clients and partners. We are fully committed to create top-quality watches and to provide best-in-class service.